I’m Moving to Germany

This month I’m celebrating the EIGHT YEAR Anniversary of my company, Holistic Health.

I just want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for being part of my life!

I thought that, for today’s Inspiration, and just before our 8 Year Anniversary celebration, I’d share a little of my story.  I hope it encourages you to persist at your goals.  :)

In October of 2006, I launched my first women’s fitness boot camp.  Wanna guess how many members I had?


In January of 2007, I launched my second camp.  Number of members:  A big fat ZERO.

I tried again in February:  NOTHING.

Then again in March:  Four people.

In May:  Six members.

I struggled through that summer and was so depressed, I called my best friend Iris in Germany.  I decided “I’m tired of this.  I’m moving to Germany!”  So, I made plans to sell my house, put my stuff in storage, and leave the country…

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Have You Been Infected by Pincherbug Power?

I have a funny story to tell you…

Are you familiar “pincherbugs”?  You know, those ugly, slinky, get-in-your-mops brown bugs?

They’re also called earwigs - and get their name from an old myth that they crawled into people’s ears and bored into their brains.  (This is totally not true – but they still look capable of such an act with their pinchers!)

Anyway, here’s a picture of these lovely creatures just to make sure you know what I’m talking about.


If you’re anything like me, you know them all to well – and hate them!

Well, would you believe that I actually SLEPT ON A BED OF THEM FOR ONE WEEK?

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Your Worst Enemy

Today I want to be especially vulnerable with you.

You see, I have a problem…and I’ve noticed that many of my coaching clients share the same dilemma.

So, I want to provide some solutions – that ALL of us can benefit from!  :)

I sometimes think this problem is some kind of disease.

I’m even giving it a name:

The SHOM Disease

What is it?

Well, let me tell you a little story first…

Last weekend, I went on a short trip to southern Colorado.  It was a last minute vacation over the holiday weekend.  While I was really glad I could get away with my husband Robert and my two stepdaughters, Jordyn and Rachel, I felt really bad about one thing.

I let somebody down.  I pride myself on being a woman of my word and I had made a commitment to get something done by Saturday.  However, due to our last-minute trip, then hours and hours of driving, my exhaustion took over…

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