You Can Do Anything at Your Age

Last weekend, Robert and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary.  We decided to do what abnormal fitness people do – go

Gotta have his coffee

Gotta have his coffee

torture ourselves on “The Incline.”  The Incline is a trek up an old cable car route in Manitou Springs, CO, where the tracks have been removed but the ties are still there.  You basically stair climb for one mile.  It was pretty challenging – especially when it started to rain, then pour!

We made it to the top, but others weren’t so lucky.  The experience was great…and even better because Robert started it with coffee in hand (only him, sheesh).

Anyway, we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs called “Spurs & Lace.”  Great name for a B & B founded by a “retired” guy, ha!  I put retired in quotes because Owner Leo, as everyone calls him, is 81 years old.

He’s a retired schoolteacher.  But, at age 65 he didn’t actually retire, instead he opened up a B & B!

He’s famous for:  Telling hilarious stories at the breakfast table (he’s a teacher after all), riding motorcycles, winning the heart of one of his B & B guests (who’s quite a bit younger than him), and…what inspired us most…

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My Story of Waiting (1 Year Anniversary Highlights)

What a speedy first year!

What a speedy first year!

This weekend, Robert and I will celebrate our First Anniversary!

WOW.  One whole year has passed since the day I said, “I do.”  I can’t believe how fast it went by.

As I look back on our  year of wedded bliss, I thought I’d share a little bit of where I came from:  It’s my Story of Waiting.

As always, my hope is that my story encourages you in the midst of your life’s challenges (which are inevitable).

An Insane Vow

In 2002, I made an  commitment to God that I would not kiss any man unless he proposed marriage…

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A Degree Worth Ditching

I’m very concerned – about you.  I have discovered that way too many people (especially women) specialize in something they shouldn’t.

Let’s take a little test to see if you’re a culprit, too.

Please answer these questions:

  1. In my daily schedule, have I blocked out time just for me?
  2. If my day is extremely busy, do I still make sure I don’t cut out exercise?
  3. At all costs, do I work hard to take care of myself - versus always putting everyone else first?

If you answered NO to just one – or perhaps all – of these questions…

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