How to Cheat and Lose 10 Pounds

While we may just be getting into Spring, you know what that means…

Skinny shorts and tank top weather is around the corner!


Well, I’m for sure gettin’ ready and I want to help you!

So, I’ve created a new 3-part video series of My Top 3 Summer Slim-down Strategies – to get you ready FAST!

These are super short videos to help you wrap your head around how to get ready for summer super quick – because before you know it, Memorial Day weekend will be here.

Do you want to slim down your arms, tone your tummy, or lose 5 – 15 pounds (or more?)

Then be sure to watch this series because I’m going to help you do just that!

I’ll also show you how I eat (what I like to call) “Heroin Berries” and still lose weight, ha!

Here’s my first Summer Slim-down Strategy video.  Be sure to share it with your friends to help them get ready too.  :)

What’s in the first video, you wonder?

You’re going to be surprised.

I’ve been asked one question so much lately…. Especially after the Easter feast day last weekend.  So I want to be sure to address it:

Why do you recommend a Cheat Day?  Can I really lose weight if I cheat?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Find out how it works – and how my clients literally lose 1 – 3 pounds a week even while they’re CHEATING!

Video #1:  How to Cheat AND Lose 10 Pounds by Memorial Day

Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments!  Can’t wait to hear from you!  :)

Committed to your success,


Success…in Numbers?

You’ve heard it said that there’s safety in numbers.  Well, there’s also success in numbers.

What do I mean?

Think about a goal you have right now.  It could be related to weight loss, finances, your relationship, or raising your kids.

Now I have a question for you:

How many people have you shared this goal with?

I’ll bet that if you’ve shared your goal with numerous people, you’re probably making progress towards it.

And if no one knows about your goal, you may not be doing so well.

Am I right?  (If not, be sure to let me know).  ;)

Here’s why I say this:  The more people you share your goal with, the more success you will have because you’ll feel accountable for your actions – and whether you’re moving closer to or farther from your goal.

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The Secret to Youth

I am back from a 10 day Northwest bus tour. I traveled with Robert and Colorado Christian University’s wind ensemble and jazz band – through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, then back to Colorado.

The tour was a lot of fun and I was amazed at the incredible talent stuffed into one bus!  For our traveling entertainment, different band members planned special events – such as harmonica and kazoo lessons for all.  Plus, Bob (who went to Clown School – who knew there was such a thing!) played the recorder for us…. through one nostril.  It was a jolly good time!  I was worried the bus driver would veer off the road because he was laughing so hard.

You can watch a 30 second video of the crazy bus talent by clicking on the picture or the link below.  Hope it brings a smile to your face.  :)

Band Antics on the Bus

As I mostly hung out with college students, averaging age 20, I experienced an important life lesson.  It is this:

You are as young as you believe you are.

Or:  You are as OLD as you believe you are.

As you age, do you ever wish you were younger?  Or do you ever wonder what “the secret” is to staying young?

If so, I propose that the Secret to Youth is one three letter word:


It’s not the latest anti-aging cream or pair of jeans that make your butt look good (although I don’t deny that those certainly can’t hurt!)

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