Setting the Right Goals [Don’t fall into this trap]

Wow.  We’re already half way through January.  How have you started off the year?

These first two weeks, I’ve been writing about GOALS – how to set them and, more importantly, how to ACHIEVE them.

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Setting the Right Goals

I coach a lot of ladies on a daily basis, and when I ask them what they want to achieve, I often hear things like:

“Lose weight.”  “Feel good.”  “Look better.”  “Be happier.”

I coach a lot of ladies on a daily basis, and when I ask them what they want to achieve, I often hear things like:

“Lose weight.”  “Feel good.”  “Look better.”  “Be happier.”

While these are important, I want to point out one major Goal-Setting Trap that’s easy to fall into:

When you set out to achieve something, it’s important to understand WHY you want it.

what's your why

What goals have you set – and WHY DO YOU WANT TO REACH THEM?

Your “Why” needs to be very compelling!

Let’s say you have a weight loss goal…

  • Do those skinny jeans you want to fit into really compel you to avoid eating junk food at night?
  • Or does that fact that you have lost confidence in yourself and are tired of “feeling fat” make you angry enough to change?

Let’s talk about a financial goal…

  • Does your desire to be debt free really compel you to stick to your budget?
  • Or does the fact that you won’t be able to take any vacations this year unless you get serious about your spending?


Is your WHY Powerful…Gripping…Life-Altering???

If it’s not, then I recommend that you either:

  1.  Change your goal!


  1.  Solidify and believe your WHY!

Don’t trick yourself into believing your “Should.”

You need to develop your compelling reason to reach your goals – TODAY.

Now let me know what your WHY is!  Post your Why below.  I’d love to hear it!

Committed to your success,

Priscilla Freed


Week 1! How are you doing with your 2015 goals?

We’re one whole week into the New Year.

And I just have to ask…

How are you doing on your goals so far?

(Sadly, I’ve heard some people go back to their old ways within their first week!)

Hopefully, your goals sheet doesn’t look like this…

So, how do you truly make 2015 your most AMAZING year ever?

How can you set goals that you’ll actually reach?  Maybe even surpass?

Here’s what you do….

and you must do this consistently, every single day.  It’s not actually hard, but it does take discipline.

TODAY – Take ONE small action that helps you reach your goals.

Just one small thing that will move you a bit closer to where you want to be in 365 days when you are reading my 2016 New Year’s Week email.   :)


Do it TODAY.

And, if you’re taking that one step towards Weight Loss and Getting Fit…

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Be sure to do so TODAY.  Spots are filling up fast and they won’t be around for long.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to take that small step towards accomplishing your goals.  That’s what the masses do.

And since you’re reading this, you’re clearly someone who wants to become BETTER.

So take action.

And you know I’ll be to support you with your fitness and lifestyle goals!

I truly hope you’re making your first week of January the BEST ever.

And if not, start NOW.  ;)

Committed to your success,

Priscilla Freed


My Goals-Setting Strategy. What’s Yours?

Have you written out your goals for 2015 yet?

If not, be sure to read my previous post on Ensuring Your Success first.

Today I’d like to share my strategy on goal-setting.  It’s personally helped me reach many of my goals – and helps me achieve constant improvement in my own life.

So, grab a journal and join me on this journey!  :)


I reflect on 2014.  This is VERY important and helps set the tone for my goal setting session.

I ask myself these questions and write them down:

  • What am I grateful for in this past year?
  • What experiences do I want to remember for years to come?  (I have to write them down so I can read these again when I’m 80 years old!)


I review my 2014 goals.

I ask these questions:

  • Which goals did I reach?  (Check them off).
  • What could have gone better?
  • WHY didn’t I reach certain goals?  (I have to be honest – not just feed myself excuses!)


It’s time to set 2015’s goals!

I set a theme.  (More on this in my next email). 

Last year it was on Prayer.  2013 it was Peace.

I divide them into these categories:

  • Spiritual – My Christian faith comes first.
  • Family/Relationships – No success can replace my loved ones.
  • Financial – I’ve been very focused on being free from debt, for example.
  • Fitness – This includes my nutrition and self-care habits.
  • Lifestyle Habits – Such as going to bed by 9 pm and checking my email only at certain times.
  • Personal Development – Reading books or listening to audio CD’s that help me become better.  :)

So there you go!

After I’ve written all of my goals down in these categories, I then take about a week to reflect on them and I refine them some more.

Now, it’s your turn!

Remember, you’ll be closer to reaching your goals simply by writing them down, than if you don’t.  So, what goals are you setting for 2015?  I’d love to hear your top three!  Be sure to share below.  :)

HAPPY 2015!
Committed to your success,
Priscilla Freed

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