Tony Robbins Breakthrough – Lesson #2

Last week, I launched the first of my three-part series on “Tony’s Teachings.”

Now, there’s NO way I could do justice to Tony Robbins’ life-changing lessons in just three posts.  But what I’d like to share is his three-pronged Total Breakthrough process.

That’s really what this is all about:  Breaking Through

I have a confession to make.  A couple of years ago, I really felt stuck in my business.  I was desperate for some kind of revolutionary breakthrough that would change my business – and consequently my life – FOREVER.

Have you ever felt this way?  Have you ever been so utterly STUCK that, no matter what ideas you come up with to un-stick yourself, you’re unable to?  Or perhaps you’ve felt like it takes a veeeeeery long time – and you just don’t have that kind of time!

Maybe you’re feeling like this right now?  If you are, I think you’re normal (in case you were wondering my opinion of you, ha!)

Most of us feel stuck in some area of our lives at some point.

Just remember this:

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Tony Robbins Breakthrough Lesson #1 (New series!)

Last week, I had the privilege of attending Usana Health Science’s International Convention.  One of the things I was most excited about was getting to see Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins

Robert and I have been fans of Tony Robbins for quite some time – and to experience him live was a real treat!  We both came back changed people – inspired to make an even greater difference in the lives of others.

Tony Robbins charges a lot for his weekend workshops.  And he should – because his coaching is invaluable.

Because it’s so incredible, I’m dying to share what he taught me – with you!  So, I’ve decided to create a three-part series on Tony’s Teachings for you.  :)

I hope they challenge and inspire you to live “like no one else” and achieve the dreams you desire.

Here’s Tony’s Teaching #1:


Have you ever wished you could have a BREAKTHROUGH?

Whether you want to push past a weight-loss plateau…or take your business/career to another level…or improve a relationship, sometimes we covet a breakthrough, don’t we?  

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You Can Do Anything at Your Age

Last weekend, Robert and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary.  We decided to do what abnormal fitness people do – go

Gotta have his coffee

Gotta have his coffee

torture ourselves on “The Incline.”  The Incline is a trek up an old cable car route in Manitou Springs, CO, where the tracks have been removed but the ties are still there.  You basically stair climb for one mile.  It was pretty challenging – especially when it started to rain, then pour!

We made it to the top, but others weren’t so lucky.  The experience was great…and even better because Robert started it with coffee in hand (only him, sheesh).

Anyway, we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs called “Spurs & Lace.”  Great name for a B & B founded by a “retired” guy, ha!  I put retired in quotes because Owner Leo, as everyone calls him, is 81 years old.

He’s a retired schoolteacher.  But, at age 65 he didn’t actually retire, instead he opened up a B & B!

He’s famous for:  Telling hilarious stories at the breakfast table (he’s a teacher after all), riding motorcycles, winning the heart of one of his B & B guests (who’s quite a bit younger than him), and…what inspired us most…

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