How NOT to Gain Weight Over the Weekend

Summer “officially” starts this weekend!  Are you excited?  (I know that for me, the more rain we get, the more I’m itching for the sun!!)

So… what are you doing to get ready for shorts and swimsuit season?

If you’re wanting to lose weight but you find that the scale isn’t budging much, let’s be honest.

Are you eating pretty clean over the week…and then blowing it on the weekends?

I mean, during the week you have a pretty consistent routine and don’t “cheat” a lot.

But if you feel like you’re working really hard at making the right choices, you kinda want to take a break when the weekend hits.  Right?

If that’s true, then you need to watch today’s video.

As we enter into the holiday weekend, I share two tips to help you NOT gain any weight.  (This is #2 of my Summer Slim-Down Strategies…How to Cheat and Lose 10 Pounds).

With barbecues and get-togethers happening all weekend, it’s really easy to pack on a few extra pounds without realizing it.

If you do these two things, I guarantee you won’t gain any weight.  And with summer around the corner, you want to look good…right?  :)

So, here’s the video:

Hope it helps!  And be sure to leave a comment below… I’d love to hear how these strategies help you plan for the weekend!

Committed to your success,



Energy Zapped? Here’s How to Boost It (Susan’s Story)

Do you ever feel Energy-Zapped?

I mean, you either feel physically tired or worse, you’ve got people in your life who zap the energy right out of you?

If so, today’s inspiring story from Susan will be right up your alley…

I can’t believe an entire year has passed since I returned to the MissFits. Throughout this time, I’ve seen measurable changes to my physical appearance, overall health, and a much-improved outlook on life (except on Monday mornings at 6 AM, ha ha!)

My energy level is sky high.

I now have confidence in myself and know I have the strength to achieve anything that I desire.  I’ve recently participated in several local running events and have even improved my pace by 3 minutes per mile!  To me, Camp MissFits is not just another workout studio; it’s a fellowship of women who are committed to changing their mind, body and spirit.

An amazing coaching staff has provided me just the right amount of “motivation” to assure my continued progress.  Thank you Priscilla, Melody, Jess, and Dawn for not just taking attendance, but truly caring about me.  

Also, many thanks to my fellow MissFits – without whom I wouldn’t have the desire to return.  I truly enjoy starting mornings with those crazy gals as we dance our way through the drills.

“Get it girls!” (Sending ALL a virtual group hug!)

~ Susan

Susan’s energy is “sky high” because she’s working really hard on eating clean and she’s training multiple times per week – very consistently, week after week.

But I know her energy is also high (even at 6 AM when she might prefer sleeping), because she has a supportive group of like-minded women and coaches who care about her.

Did you catch that?  Energy-boosting activities include those with whom you surround yourself!

Don’t underestimate the fact that accountability is absolutely critical for your long-term success.

So….what about you?

If you’re feeling drained or tired, what can YOU do to boost your mojo?

Also… Examine your environment, who do you need spend more (or less) time with?

Take a moment today to decide what one healthy habit you’re going to start – and who you’re going to surround yourself with.

And be sure to share in the comments below.  Consider our community part of your healthy accountability circle!  :)

Committed to your success,

Priscilla Freed

3 Must-Do Strategies to Clench the Finish

Today is a momentous day.  My husband Robert has OFFICIALLY finished school!!!

No more sleepless nights, no more ridiculous paper after paper, and no more feeling like I’m single!


So, on this gi-normous day, I want to share a little of his story as our Friday Inspiration.  Plus, I’ll give you 3 Must-Do Strategies to help you reach your goal…

No matter what your goal is and no matter how far away it seems.

Robert started college when he was 19.  He’s about to turn 34.

He always wanted to pursue a music degree.  But, a series of events threw him off course so that he struggled to complete classes here and there over a long period of time.

In fact, it has been 15 years since he and his buddy Josh started college together – in Minnesota.

(And now, so many years later, Josh will be with us to watch Robert graduate!  I surprised Robert by arranging for Josh to fly in… He was sitting in our living room cursing our crappy home Internet as Robert came down the stairs.  His look of shock was priceless!)

Robert and Josh


I’m sure I’ll be crying tears of joy when Robert walks across the stage to receive his diploma.  Because I know all of the trials and sacrifices he has made to finally accomplish his goal.

What would YOU be willing to work at – however long it takes you – in order to see it to the end?

I know that I get super frustrated (and sometimes, I confess, I even quit) when I don’t see fast results in my business, my health, my finances, my relationships, my (fill in the blank).

It’s hard to stay focused month after month, year after year, isn’t it?

And for FIFTEEN YEARS?  That’s a stinkin’ looooooong time!

We live in an insta-results society.  Our culture demands that we have everything right now.  In fact, if we can get it yesterday, that would be even better!

So, what will separate you from most people who quit when the going gets tough?  

What will help you stay focused on your goal, no matter how long it takes?

Here are 3 Strategies to Help You CLENCH that FINISH!

1.  Remind yourself of your “WHY” – often.  

Why are you pursuing this goal, why is it worth making sacrifices, why is it worthy of non-stop focus until you reach it?  Your answers will fuel your passion to not give up when (not if) life throws you curve balls to get you off track.

2.  Enlist your Personal Power Team to help you get there.

This may take some humility.  But, I assure you that if you ask for help, your chances of reaching your goal increase exponentially.  Robert’s mom, dad, sister, and of course yours truly, were there for him.  We were (and will always be) his Personal Power Team.  We wanted to see him graduate, so we made sacrifices of our own because we love and support him.  Don’t be an island!  Most people (and especially your closest loved ones) want to be part of something bigger than themselves.  All you have to do is ask.

3.  FOCUS.

I think this is probably the hardest of the three strategies.  There are so many “shiny white objects” to throw you off course.  For example, if you’re pursuing a weight loss goal, don’t get distracted by the latest fad diet or quick fix.  Stay consistent with an eat-clean lifestyle and regular workout routine…and don’t get frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge (because sometimes it’s just stubborn and doesn’t want to!)  You’re in it for the long haul, remember?  So, stay focused!  Consistency is KEY to your long-term success and that demands unwavering focus.

I assure you that even if you just added one of these strategies to your life right now, you’ll make progress towards your goal.  :)  Now…

It’s Your Turn!

What goal are you currently working on?  And which of these three strategies do you plan to focus on?  I’d love to hear from you!

For us, it’s now time to parteeeeee!!!

Committed to your success,

Priscilla Freed


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