Whole30 Pizza Frittata

Eat pizza and lose weight? That's what I plan to do during our Whole30 Challenge! Try this yummy recipe!

Are You Missing THIS? [3 Strategies to Help You Find FUN]

Would you describe your exercise and weight loss efforts "FUN?" Most likely not! Here are 3 Ways to go from MEH to AMAZING.

You can ALWAYS Improve

Tired of not getting the fitness results you want? These cruise winners dispel any doubts you have about it being "too late" to see changes in your body.

What does it mean to be Relentless?

Here's what it means to be RELENTLESS at your goals this year. And what it doesn't.

4 Musts for Relentlessness

Obstacles and naysayers WILL come. Here are 4 Musts to help you be relentless at your goals this year.

Be Relentless...Get What You Want

If you’ve ever pursued a goal or dream, you know it can feel like an uphill battle. But there's a basic law that ensures you will WIN in the end.

Guilt-Free Paleo Egg Nog!

Want guilt-free and lower calorie egg nog - that's Paleo? Check out this recipe and drink up!

Top 5 Tips for a "Hot" Summer (part 2)

It's not too late to look hot for summer. Follow these simple tips to look and feel confident in your shorts and swimsuit!

Top 5 Tips for a "Hot" Summer (part 1)

The last thing you want to feel is less-than-confident in your cute summery clothes, right? Follow these simple tips to become the envy of all your friends this summer!

Easiest Way to Lose Weight

If you can change just one thing about the way that you eat, do THIS. You could lose 1+ pounds per week.

Twice Baked Weekend Potatoes [Whole 30 Recipe]

They look beautiful, taste amazing, and are an awesome way to start the day...guilt free!

When you need THIS most

When times are tough, that's when you need THIS most! We weren't designed to be islands...

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