What to Do When You Are "Seriously Sewer Stuck"

Yes, you read that right...I said sewer...because a sewer pipe…

Killer Thing You Can't Afford to Keep

Have you experienced moments of transition in your life?  I…

Stubbornness Is Good...or Is It?

Has anybody ever told you that you're stubborn? I've been told…

Overcoming Fear

Do you have fears holding you back from reaching your goals? Oftentimes,…

Have You Spring Cleaned This?

What areas of your life need Spring cleaning - or renewal? Here are some of my own spring renewal activities to get you started on soul-refreshing ideas.

The Cure for a Really Bad Day

On Saturday, the day I had planned, prayed, and prepared for,…

Change Your Think - Part 3

I know I left you hanging a little bit with my last "Change Your…

Step 2 to Change Your Think

Research shows that a five-minute-a-day gratitude journal can…

Step 1 to Change Your Think

Today's "Change Your Think" lesson is on HOW to develop a SUCCESS…

Why this WORKS

I've often been asked, "How do you do it?" I think what ladies…

Why do we do this?

Pinch, poke, and pick... Why do we do this to ourselves?  Girlfriends,…

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