FREE Holiday Survival Guide

Let’s face it:  It’s hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan during the holidays.  Everywhere we turn there are tempting foods and drinks—from treats at office parties to our own traditional family favorites.  When you add in a busy schedule filled with shopping and get-togethers that make it tough to squeeze in exercise, you have a recipe for disaster as far as our scales are concerned.

The good news is that you really can get through the holidays without gaining weight.  It will take some effort, but you will thank yourself a thousand times when January 1st rolls around and you have no regrets!

In this Holiday Survival Guide you’ll find:

  • 4 Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do Anywhere To Blast 300+ Calories In Under 20 Minutes
  • Weekly Videos Showing You Proper Form And Coaching Cues To Maximize Your Efforts
  • Easy-To-Follow Nutrition Tips To Help You Max Your Metabolism While Enjoying Holiday Food
  • Secret Fat-Burning Recipes That Will Wow Your Friends And Family At Get-Togethers
  • Holiday Party Survival Tips To Ensure Results!

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